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Social Leverage Mastermind Monthly Membership

Join us inside of this exclusive Instagram Mastermind experience.

What you'll get:

  • 2 weekly live group calls with hands on support.
  • Prerecorded self study content.
  • Private members only community with experts in multiple industries. 


Members will have access to weekly training and Q&A calls where they can get the support they need to grow their Instagram accounts, increase visibility, and attract their ideal audience - FAST. 


  1. Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started on Instagram
    1. What’s in a name?
    2. Crafting an eye-catching bio.
    3. Choosing a profile picture. 
    4. What is my niche?
  2. Navigating The Platform
  3. All Hashtags Aren’t Created Equal
    1. Tools for selecting hashtags.
    2. How to choose hashtags. 
    3. How many hashtags should I use in each post?
  4. All About Captions
    1. Similarities and differences between Facebook and other platforms. 
    2. Short-copy vs. Long-copy.
  5. Maximizing Your Visibility Through Community Leverage
    1. Shouting out similar accounts.
    2. Leveraging community shoutouts in your stories. 
  6. How To Use Instagram Stories
  7. What Is IGTV? How Should I Use It?
    1. Is IGTV right for me?
    2. If I’m camera shy can I still leverage IGTV?
  8. The Advantages of Manual Posting 
    1. Why not to use schedulers.
    2. Exceptions.
    3. How to plan content to make manual posting more convenient.
  9. Analyzing Your Progress
    1. How to interpret account stats.
    2. Indicators of success. 
  10. Tools And Apps For Creating Content
    1. Canva
    2. Photoshop
    3. Phonto
    4. Flick
  11. Do’s and Don’ts Crash Course
  12. Rules Of Engagement
    1. How often should I post?
    2. How many hashtags should I use per post?
    3. Which accounts should I follow?
  13. How To Grow A “Farm” & “Main” account
    1. What is a “farm” account?
    2. What should my “farm” account be? 
    3. How is a “farm” account different from a “main” account?
    4. What is the benefit of growing multiple accounts?
      1. How do these accounts work in tandem?
      2. How do I get the followers from my “farm” to my main account?
      3. How does this make me money?
  14. How To Buy A “Farm” account.
    1. What to look for.
    2. How to vette.
    3. How much you should spend.
    4. Buy vs pay to build.
  15. Where Should I Send My Traffic?
    1. Using IG traffic to sell products and services. 
    2. Using IG traffic to grow a personal brand. 
  16. Selling Accounts
    1. When is it a good idea to sell my account?
    2. What are the benefits of selling my account?
    3. What are the caveats of selling my account?
  17. How To Handle Haters
  18. Promo Offers - Yes or No?
  19. Advanced Tech
    1. Direct Heroes - IG CRM & Messenger Marketing
    2. Integrations
    3. Planoly scheduled posting
    4. Flick hashtag research
    5. Social Blade account monitoring